Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Great Patch

Recently we took a trip over to Bates Nut Farm, where we attend annually to search for pumpkins. The place was packed with kids and parents, and after we finally weaseled our way over to where the great pumpkin patch lies, I was ready for a nap. The last few years we have gone it has been quite chilly, but this year the sun was blazing and I was regretting wearing my jeans. We picked out some wonderful pumpkins though. and they are sitting happy in our living room, just waiting for faces!

Every year that we have gone to Bates Nut Farm for pumpkins Billy and I take a picture together. Its funny to look back on the older ones and see how we've changed. Mmm I love him.

Not like it is any surprise but going with the Bonhams is one of my favorite things about going out to the patch, and I am always excited to watch Ethan do funny things like kiss pumpkins and eat messy ice cream cones. This year he was very serious about the whole trip, rarely smiling for any of our pleas for a smilie picture. He is such a special little boy to me, and has and always will be:)

Thank you great pumpkin patch, it has been a pleasure to visit you again this year.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Long Live Mr. Beaver

This week my dear Erika gave me a shopping bag full of raffia. The next day it was found by these two little guys and they have had an adrenalin rush ever since. Jesse likes to burrow, I think he could have been a good beaver. Blankets, pillows, cupboards, papers - doesn't matter to him. He is a burrowin' cat. So naturally he took to burrowing in this really big pile of raffia. He naps in there multiple time a day. Jonah just wraps a piece around his body and runs at the speed of light through the house, leaping and rolling making this little happy growling sound. He is nuts. They are both nuts.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Umm, Can You Repeat That?

Working at Starbucks is a ton of fun! And challenging. There are so many combinations and formulas to remember, and I have only learned teas and Frappuccinos so far. Everyone is super nice and helpful and happy. Weird how they are all so happy. Guess its all the sugar we get to consume for free. They sent me home early tonight which I wasn't too happy about, it kinda defeats the purpose of working a second job with the sole purpose of earning more money. I found out that Billy can get benefits through me too, which is a huge blessing. We pay for our own medical coverage which isn't too bad, but we don't have vision and dental - it is just too expensive. So I am very very thankful that we can get awesome benefits from Starbucks, and just for working 20 hours a week. The first night I worked, at the end of my shift, they tried to load me up with all kinds of pastries and treats that they were going to throw out. I said no to everything (some of that stuff is sooo fattening). except the low-fat blueberry coffee cakes. One for me one for Billy and one for Megan. Megan has been gracious enough to allow me to come over to her house before Starbucks so I can change and do my hair. I am sooo thankful. I am not the super primpy type, but I do like to feel together and neat when I go somewhere and going home is not an option because it is just too far away. Getting ready at my other job would have been tough, there isn't even as much as an outlet for a curling iron in the bathroom. Besides, I am keeping it kind of a secret right now from everyone except Megan of course. I am eager to learn as much as I can as quickly as I can so that I can go there feeling confident that I can be helpful to them. I am excited to be in a fun job environment. Haven't done that in a looonng time.

Vintage Friends

Last week these happy little friends showed up at my door! I welcomed them in and offered them a pumpkin chocolate chip muffin, compliments of Erika. They soon found themselves a nice little spot next to the green pumpkin container and white hobnail vase on the bar. So cute! These Frozen Charlottes "Wendell & Hattie" are creations of Jennifer Murphy- she is amazing. I love all of her decorations and her bears are super cute too, but very expensive! I've had my eye on these little guys for a while and I can't stop looking at them!

The Halloween decorations are now out of the box. These little guys are new too, and perfect in every way. I have such a crush on vintage Halloween images and characters and these faces were impossible to resist. It may be kinda hard to notice in the picture but they have very delicate crepe paper neck ruffles. These came along with the Frozen Charlottes in my order from Bayberry Cove. I will definitely be back to that site before Christmas! I love old fashioned and unique Halloween decorations and I am excited to visit one of my favorite stores, Plain Jane's, in San Francisco this fall when I visit Chelsea to see what other little treasures I might find to add to my collection. Plain Jane's has the most beautiful window displays I have ever seen. Now I just need to get on with the baking. I am craving some pumpkin something. Happy Fall!