Saturday, October 6, 2007

Long Live Mr. Beaver

This week my dear Erika gave me a shopping bag full of raffia. The next day it was found by these two little guys and they have had an adrenalin rush ever since. Jesse likes to burrow, I think he could have been a good beaver. Blankets, pillows, cupboards, papers - doesn't matter to him. He is a burrowin' cat. So naturally he took to burrowing in this really big pile of raffia. He naps in there multiple time a day. Jonah just wraps a piece around his body and runs at the speed of light through the house, leaping and rolling making this little happy growling sound. He is nuts. They are both nuts.


Erika said...

I am glad the raffia went to good use:)

Krista said...

Too Cute! I adore cats. They look like twins. Just make sure they do not eat too much if any, you will be at the vet for sure!