Friday, November 23, 2007

Halloween Project Part Deux

So I never posted how my Halloween Craft turned out. It went well, but it took me forever! I guess just making things up as you go sometimes leaves a lot of options of how things could look, which can make a project a long drawn out one if you're not careful. These little hanging beauties took me about a month of a couple evening hours here and a couple Saturday hours there, which was longer than I thought, but I think they turned out awesome and I can't wait to hang them back up next year. They came down today, as well as all of the other Halloween decorations. Now everything looks slightly bare, so darn, I guess I will just have to put Christmas up now! We never really decorated too much last year because we went to Texas for Christmas and thought it was slightly pointless to get a bunch of stuff and a tree, since we weren't going to be around anyway. I cant wait!

Hanging from the arches between the kitchen and the dining room.


Erika said...

They were awesome and I am so glad you shared with me:)

Chelsea said...

"She's crafty - and she's just my type She's crafty"