Friday, November 23, 2007

Welcome Mary Jane!

Welcome Mary Jane Woodson! The newest addition to our family. She is quite the gal, and my goodness she is 100% kitten. We got her from the Country Feed Store. Billy named her, I told him to pick one because I named Jonah and Jesse. I think it's sweet he came up with such a dainty name for her.

Playing is her favorite thing to do of course, and we have a zillion cat toys from having two cats already and she loves every one of them.

She is quite the climber and has no fear of anything. Jonah and Jesse are warming up to her, I even spied them playing together today. She has been sleeping cuddled up to my neck every night, which is a nice treat because the cold nights are knocking at our door again and slipping through our window panes.

Welcome Mary Jane! We hope you like living here with us as much as we love you.


Erika said...

She is so tiny and so very cute! I love the one of her climbing the tree!

Chelsea said...

Georgia I am so jealous! I can't wait until I am living somewhere that allows me to have cats. If I was back down in SD I would be over all the time playing with your buddies! Darn.

Lori Davis said...

What an adorable kitty cat! Too bad her cuteness can no longer grace the bulletin board at work...not "professional" enough..pshaw. (see, I told you I'd read your blog as soon as I got home =P )