Thursday, December 20, 2007


Erika: "Ethan hop out of the car"

Billy: "Ethan whatareya doing picking your nose? Are you picking a winner?"

Ethan: *Blank look*

Erika: "Come on Ethan, come on! Get out of the car!"

Ethan: "Wait mom, I'm picking a winner!"

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Evil Twin

I don't think we really look that much alike. Yesterday I received yet another comment about my seeming to look just like Lindsay Lohan. Maybe there might be something if she didn't wear so much makeup. I have been told I look like several other Hollywood ladies as well, such as Miranda Otto or Juliana Moore or even Schuyler Fisk (for whom I was once mistaken for in the mall; a girl started getting all excited when I walked up until she realized that I wasn't her - buuummer). I don't think I look like that Schuyler girl at all, Juliana Moore? - maybe in like 15 years and Miranda Otto, uhhh, maybe kinda if you squint your eyes while standing on your head.

The funniest part about being asked if I thought I looked like Lindsay Lohan in that store yesterday was when the clerk said just as I was about to leave "Well, I hope you are a better person than she is." All I could think to mumble was "Er, uh, I hope so too." What do you say to a comment like that? Lindsay, I know you will never read this, but I just wanted to say I think the media makes you look worse than you probably are and, well, I really don't think you and I look that much alike. But if you ever need a double, I would be happy to collect.