Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A Vanilla Flavored Home

Ok so I decided that I disparately want to repaint my living room and dining room. This crazy notion entered my head a couple days ago and I just can't stop thinking about how badly I want to do it. Haven't told Billy yet so it's not something that is entirely possible to happen. You know how they say that the home is supposed to be your sanctuary, a resting place and a place of comfort and fondness? For the past week my house has been the completely opposite. It's been a place of discomfort, uneasiness and dare I say a serious source of stress. For those of you that may not have heard we had a flood last week in one half of our house which means the living room, dining room and kitchen. That is a whole separate post on its own, of which I will post pictures and explain the 1:30 am discovery in full.

So for the past week we have been traumatized by our crazy upside down house. Drywall bits, stinky chemicals, plastic sheeting, monster fans and a layer of dirt on everything. My home has been the center of unrest - and eating dinner in bed is not as fun as it might seem people - when you do it 6 NIGHTS IN A ROW.

Until this, I have never ever fully realized how important the idea of 'a home of comfort' is. When my home comfort went down the drain (a nicely executed pun) I have had a jolting realization of just how important and necessary an orderly home of comfort has on the psy-che. Wow. It's so important. A place to rest, a place to relax, a place of tradition, good food and familiarity and for interaction, personality and sharing stories.

So this is where the painting comes in. My walls in the living room and dining room are a dark khaki color which all of a sudden feels cold and uninviting to me - modernly repugnant of my conclusion about the alliance between the home and mental comfort. I need a light naturally delicious vanilla tasting tan that coos snuggly blankets and snuggly husbands and breeze and sunshine flooding through the skylight. I need to actively acknowledge this life discovery by doing something about it.

We'll see what the husband says.


Erika said...

I like the color it is, but your description makes me want you to change it! Maybe the whole flood thing happened so you would really appreciate your "home" and living space and the comfort that it provides? I don't know. It would be a lot easier to realize all of that minus the million gallons of water. I hope Billy goes for it!!

Heather said...

I think you should recruit Billy for this job, you work hard at two jobs, he can paint the living room, then you can come home and enjoy it!

Krista said...

Paint...painting fixes everything and I love painting. Have a painting party and pending finding child care I will be there to help.

Alaina said...

so you've left me totally curious as to what happened to your house...I need the flood blog. Hope things are looking up now.