Saturday, March 8, 2008

Hiver, vous n’êtes qu’un vilain!

Beautiful renunculas brought from the Farmer's Market this morning with Erika- makes me excited for spring to bloom. We've had such good rain this year and the fields and sides of the roads are full of wildflowers and clover, beautiful! Reminds me of how true God is to his promises. I love spring in my nose, and no and I don't mean gnats or dander. I mean the smell of grass and fresh warm air. Winter is wonderful for it's purposes, but Spring holds possibility unlike any other season.

So banishing winter - it seems like it's time! I found this old French poem titled "Hiver, vous n’êtes qu’un vilain!" or "Winter, You're Just a Brute!" and thought it was perfect for wishing winter goodbye. Written by a Frenchman, Charles d’Orléans, somewhere between 1394 and 1465. This is of course the English translation.

Winter, you’re just a brute!
Summer is pleasant and nice,
As proof, May and April,
Who accompany it evening and morn.

Summer adorns fields, woods and flowers,
In its coat of greenery
And of many other colors,
By the order of Nature.

But you, Winter, are too full
Of snow, wind, rain and hail;
You must be banished into exile,
Without flattering, I speak fairly,
Winter, you’re just a brute!


Erika said...

I like the poem and the flowers. I am glad spring is on it's way!

Krista said...

Love the flowers! The colors are amazing. Yah for spring!

Felicia said...

What beautiful flowers :)