Monday, May 19, 2008


I read a very inspiring article on one of the blogs I subscribe to and read daily, Unclutter. An entry by Louise Hornor titled "How To Live Simply In A 39 Foot RV" talks about her life and her belongings living in a 300 square feet RV with her husband, dog, two cats and four fish. For those of you who may not have read it you can link to it here. Her perspective on what she owns vs. what she left behind is amazing and I think is a real testimony of people with material self-control. I am so glad she included a photo of her RV because it looks just like what she described to be her home on wheels. I know I could do this, although I don't know that I ever would. It is fascinating to me though! And what a way to see the country! I wonder where they get their mail. You should read it and comment back here about what you think!


Erika said...

I was working with a girl who lost her house in the fire and talking to her really got me thinking about things like that-what is important and so on. She lost so much. But, at the same time, she said it was kind of freeing because all the junk was gone and she didn't have to decide what to do with it, you know? She also said it is amazing how fast you accumulate more stuff.

I wish I could get rid of more stuff and wasn't so sentimental or weird about certain things. But not by way of a fire.

Vista Gal said...

My sister in law has a friend who sold their home to her daughter nd bought a giant RV. They live in it and travel from state to state. We have visited with them and eaten dinner with about 8 others in their RV. It is amazing!
You have to give up a lot, and you have to store creatively, but they love it! I am in awe when I visit them!!