Thursday, June 19, 2008

Welcome Home Brothers!

This past week both my brothers moved home - Cole (pictured) from San Luis Obispo and Coby from the OC. Even though it is only for the summer, I couldn't be happier! Ahhh brothers. Cheers to a happy summer!

Cole and I are particularly close, probably because we have a lot in common and we are closest in age. We also look alike. Mostly the same hair coloring - but sadly I cannot grow facial hair.

Whaaat? Wait a second... Back this bus up! What is that I see??

Huuuhh. When did that get there? Well, I reckon eating all that chicken chock full of hormones all my life has finally been good for me after all.

Hoooh! Look at that thing grow! And that 'aint no milk mustache honey, that's a bona fide whiskey coated 'stache!

Oh who am I kidding about my mustache envy. Guess that was just a little doodle huh, guess I'll have to get one of these. Coby and Deanna have a lot in common and they look alike - they are much more blonde and have the same face shape. My face is fat and wide. Has been since I was a baby. Weird.

Part of Coby's move home was that he got a transfer to the Trader Joe's in O'side. Last Friday I went to visit him and he and I walked around the whole store and loaded up my cart for me. He pretty much gave me le tour of what's good to get. That kid really knows a thing or two about almond milk and sausage links. Like my little personal shopper, heh.

I plan to be in this pool (my parents pool) as much as possible this summer. A) for the bath water like temperature and B) because every picture I see of myself I freak out because I am so darn white. Like a freakin' ghost. Ewwww. Any way, ode to my brothers! Brothers! I love yee!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Strangest Comment...

Policeman: You know, I really dig your hair.

Me: Oh yeah?

Policeman: Yeah, I do.
_ _ _

On another note - Mary Jane got her head stuck in a empty square Kleenex box today. She proceeded to try shake it free. Laughed my butt off.