Friday, July 25, 2008


Dear Big Dino,

I have a confession to make.'s not like you think but.........well..........I......... stole all your clothes while you are on vacation - I stole enough to have a non repeating matching outfit with accessories for every single day this week and I am really sorry and I will wash them all and return them to your drawers and hangers before you get home from the lake and you will never ever find out I know we are sisters for goodness sakes and I shouldn't have but but I just couldn't help myself because they were just there and well you were just not and I love them all and I want them and I wish they were mine.


Oh yah, did I mention she is 16?


Erika said...

Man, I wish I had a sister who's clothes I could steal! And her shoes too!!

Krista said...

steal away, I hear that is what sisters are for. I am with Erika on this one! By the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

dinospumoni said...

and i still havent gotten any of them back