Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wii Party

Wii Party at Joel's house Wednesday night...

Tennis. Not my fave but none-the-less entertaining.

Mario Kart on the wall. Margaritas on the table.

Boxing... with Christopher Fandey. What can I say?

Don't let me fool you... I was not the only girl.

Nice jab husband!

We are too tired of playing Wii. It is time for bed.


Erika said...

Are you sure your hand wasn't sore from cutting Ethan's flip book and not the Wii? I could see how all that cutting could do it:) Thanks for playing with my kids and loving them so much!

Modern Crush said...

You are welcome my dear, I love your kids very very much. They are like family to me - and so are you!

Mrs. Juicebox said...

Like the motion-y photos!

dinospumoni said...

hmmmm i spy my shirt in one of those shots