Friday, August 29, 2008

Any Ideas?

I am the very very happy recipient of this very large stack of magazines. It doesn't matter to me that some of them are a year or more old, I don't mind. Although I know it will take me forever to look through them all, I know that there is a secret and wonderful idea hidden in one of those pages that will turn my drab and very blank living room wall into something inexplicably interesting and lovely to look at.

I am thrilled to have been given these because while I love magazines, I do not like to buy them. It is terribly hard for me to justify purchasing subscriptions to magazines to myself when I know that I could read the whole thing at the library for free. Same thing with books. I just can't easily do it because in the back of my mind I know I probably won't read it again (unless it's Practical Magic of course), and my purchase will just end up on a shelf and then on a table at a garage sale. I have this priority list in my head: buy a book? $12.00. Buy a shirt for that same $12.00 and borrow the same exact book at the library for free?? I want that shirt baby. There is probably something wrong with me. I do love to read magazines and books though, so a magazine subscription or a book for my birthday is like the most awesome gift. Erika has done both of these things for me. I'd say she knows me pretty well!

When I was as young as late elementary school, I had this small collection of Christmas edition magazines, like Country Living and Better Home & Gardens. I relished every page when the Christmas season rolled around, going through each aging page with an eagerness for familiarity. I remember throwing them away when I was in college. I wish I hadn't. They were so fun to look through.

So the purpose of all this magazine talk? I need to do something with this wall. As you can see it is a very large wall, with a very high ceiling. I need some kind plan for some artwork or pictures or shelves - anything that would make good use of the space. This is where you come in. Does anyone have any ideas?

The only idea I really have so far that I know I really would like to do is to put wall mount lamps on either side of the long sofa (like the ones from Pottery Barn shown here) and move that floor lamp to another part in the room.

The other idea I have is to purchase an old dresser (I really want one with wavy drawers), paint it black and place it under the black glass cabinet that is currently just floating lonely on this massive wall. This would store all table linens, serving ware etc. So what do you think??? Please please please tell me what you think!

P.S. The sofas are olive green - not brown!


Hey Lady! said...

I think the dresser idea is good (but be careful if you spray paint it, I aways end up using too much paint and it ends up sticky). You could also get a couple of big shelving units and put the magazines/books that people give you on them, or display more of your tea cups.

Anonymous said...

You are such a great artist. I think that you should purchase two to three long canvases and paint something fantastic!

Vista Gal

Anonymous said...

you need some off-road posters!!

Modern Crush said...

Nice Cole, that's a great idea.

Jane said...

On my taste here there is no art.
I would add it or it