Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Change In Season

In less than a week it will be the first day of Autumn. I have sworn to myself that I will not bring down the box of fall decorations until that day, however I am itching. Today was a blustery day, the wind howled and the fog rolled. Weird. Sometime over the weekend Summer started packing up her swimsuits and beach towels and Autumn hopped on the train, on her way for her visit. I didn't even notice her getting ready to go until I felt her vacancy.

I have fought the idea of Autumn coming for weeks now, but for some reason it seemed ok today. To celebrate my mental achievement (and why the heck wouldn't I want any reason to celebrate anything??!!) I indulged in a pumpkin spice hot coco and decided that is was ok to move on. Heh, I am really good at justifying rewards. I guess I just have an attachment to Summer that is really hard for me to let go of.

Next on the achievement list: I also started making my Christmas gift list. Aack!! I know, I know, but seriously, time flies and I want to be prepared. I know Erika and Krista have already started working on their ideas. Billy and I are going to be in Austin for Christmas this year, which makes gift buying at the last minute an impossible feat. I'm thinkin' a lot of handmade goodies this year... we'll see.

Every Autumn I take a trip up to San Francisco to stay with Chelsea, but I don't know if it is going to happen this year. Bravest Chelsea has had yet another knee surgery and hasn't even been up to SF yet since June. She's been out of the blogging world completely and I dearly miss her whitty posts. Is it going to happen this year Chels?? Are we going to miss out on our tradition?? Please say it's not so!


Erika said...

I love your fall decorations! I can't wait. Please post pictures so I can stare at them and wish they were mine:) And I want to go to SF with ya!!

Chelsea said...

Oh Georgia I hope hope hope you can come up. I don't think I will be back up there until November, unfortunately, but if we can work it I would love for you to. And funny thing is, I have been trying to post on my blog for probably about a month now, but I just have so many thoughts in my head I just get all jumbled and I can't get it to come out right........but it should be withint the next week or two I am hoping. Love and miss you.P.S. something should be coming in the mail to you. Let me know when you get it. xo