Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sweet Friends

New kitchen artwork! I have had my eye on several of Emily Martin's prints over the last few years, and these two were always at the top of my Black Apple wish list. I already had the frames, mat board and hardware, so putting these together was a snap. I think these compliment my kitchen very nicely, or better yet, they are an awesome distraction from the charming (*cough*) wood cabinets I have, from 1970. The finish is lovely you know, reminds me of... plywood. Sucks to rent. You know, I bet if I painted the cabinets white, they wouldn't even have a clue. But that would take some serious motivation.


Erika said...

love it! I need need need to take care of mine and get them up!!

Hey Lady! said...

I admire your motivation to put up pictures at all, I have lived in my house for more then 3 years and have decorated about 40% of the walls. Sadly decorating is not only a big commitment, it's expensive!