Friday, October 31, 2008

The Queen of Hearts

I had the darndest time thinking of a costume this year and The Queen of Hearts was the best I could come up with it, considering I had one night left and wanted to keep it homemade. I rather like it and the striped socks were the cherry on top! Good thing felt is cheap! I made a lot of hearts to sew all over my top and skirt.
And the crown! I made this beauty from an old headband, paper, glitter, fabric roses and lots and lots of hot glue. Best thing I ever made a 2am... So now I am all set for Halloween! Even though I have to work all night... at least we get to dress up!

Autumn Holiday

My sister in law reminded me that I never shared some of my Halloween goodies on my little blog so her goes!
I just adore all of Jennifer Murphy's designs, and Wendell and Hattie are just icing on the cake.
I couldn't find a gourd garland ANYWHERE this year. It was so frustrating because I knew they were out there, and I knew what I wanted in my mind, but out of the seven stores I looked for it in I left empty handed each time. So I decided to make my own! It was a snap and the beads give it a little extra sparkle. Love it!
This year I splurged and picked out a feather tree from Bayberry Cove. Thanks Debbie! Since we are going to Texas this year for Christmas we aren't going to get a Christmas tree. To handle my disappointment I decided that I could finally get a feather tree and decorate that. I have always wanted one, and thought it would look great for Halloween too.
More Jennifer Murphy cuteness...

Happy Halloween! Now, on to Thanksgiving I have been having dreams of turkey...

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Halloween Treat

My best friend Erika heard my regrets for passing up the pumpkin ice cream at the pumpkin patch, and being the gal she is she treated me to my very own carton! Wahoo! This stuff is the bomb. Seriously. Someone left a can of whipped cream at my house from a get together we had last week, so... BAM! I had to add some serious whippage to that goodness. Top it off with some nutmeg and cinnamon powder, and by now you can tell that I work at Starbucks. I didn't even think twice about reaching for the shakers. Delicious and beautiful, am I right? Thank you Erika! What a treat that was! Ahhh... friend. P.S. Totally unrelated, last night I got Billy to paint my toenails. How sexy is that...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Agony

Oh my God, I am getting giddy just thinking about it... and just like I'd pictured. It's a sickness, really. I think I need a doctor...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Patch

Sunday we enjoyed another traditional trip to Bates Nut Farm to visit Ye Olde Patch. It was boiling hot again, like last year, but we didn't let that stop us from perusing pumpkins; not too short, not too scarred, good stem, even base. Billy has already grown a pumpkin for me this year, so I really wasn't too concerned about finding the best one in the bunch. It's a beautiful patch, dont you think?

I had a good time, but I could have had a better time. I really have a hard time getting over the plans in my head, if they don't quite work out just as I anticipate and once again I have to realize that my world is not a fairytale world, unfortunately for me. So if I really want to be honest about the day I would say that Billy and I had an argument in the car on the way there, I was really hot, my borrowed camera had both dead batteries and a full memory card, I was worried the whole time whether or not Shane was having a good time, there wasn't that great of a selection of Christmas ornaments in the store, I never got a picture of Billy and I as I do every year to mark our tradition, and I really should have gotten the pumpkin ice cream, because I regretted it as soon as I got back in the car. Cry me a river, I know. Seriously.
I very much did enjoy that Ethan enjoyed the trip this year, and that the pumpkin patch was so beautiful. Pumpkins are so cheery and I love that no two is ever the same. So here's to another successful year picking pumpkins at Nate's Butt Farm, heh - I mean Bate's Nut Farm.See you again next year Great Patch!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

And They Fell In Love

Wrapping wedding gifts
gives me time to thinkabout the groom and his lovely bride
using these new treasures in their home.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Changing Colors

Hot, dry, low humidity, I love it. The weather this time of year is seriously my favorite of all the seasons in San Diego. There is something about breathing in that dry hot air that reminds me of growing up, looking forward to the new school year, then the changing of the leaves and then Halloween. The plum trees that lined the street next to us would turn into black puddles on the asphalt, and my mom would drive real slow, down the streets in our neighborhood with her wheels close to the curb so we could all indulge in the dry crunch of the leaves. "Oh wait! - listen" she'd blurt out onto our conversations. She didn't even tell us why she would want us silent - we knew as soon as we started to hear that crunching noise and at that point any conversation became completely meaningless.
My bedroom had the best eastern view in the house, because through my window you could see the browning rolling hills of Vista, to Fallbrook and then all the way to the mountains. You couldn't see in anywhere else in the whole house, you could only see that from my room. And I liked to think that no one else had ever even noticed that it was even there, so in my mind it was all mine. It was a gorgeous view and I would always look out during the fall and admire those burnt sienna colored fields that led up to the far off mountains and breathe in that dry air and be in heaven. I love the way weather like this brings a stillness to the night, when creatures are quiet and you don't have to wear socks. I just drift off into another world...