Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Great Patch

Sunday we enjoyed another traditional trip to Bates Nut Farm to visit Ye Olde Patch. It was boiling hot again, like last year, but we didn't let that stop us from perusing pumpkins; not too short, not too scarred, good stem, even base. Billy has already grown a pumpkin for me this year, so I really wasn't too concerned about finding the best one in the bunch. It's a beautiful patch, dont you think?

I had a good time, but I could have had a better time. I really have a hard time getting over the plans in my head, if they don't quite work out just as I anticipate and once again I have to realize that my world is not a fairytale world, unfortunately for me. So if I really want to be honest about the day I would say that Billy and I had an argument in the car on the way there, I was really hot, my borrowed camera had both dead batteries and a full memory card, I was worried the whole time whether or not Shane was having a good time, there wasn't that great of a selection of Christmas ornaments in the store, I never got a picture of Billy and I as I do every year to mark our tradition, and I really should have gotten the pumpkin ice cream, because I regretted it as soon as I got back in the car. Cry me a river, I know. Seriously.
I very much did enjoy that Ethan enjoyed the trip this year, and that the pumpkin patch was so beautiful. Pumpkins are so cheery and I love that no two is ever the same. So here's to another successful year picking pumpkins at Nate's Butt Farm, heh - I mean Bate's Nut Farm.See you again next year Great Patch!


Erika said...

I am sorry about the trip...it could have been better for sure. But is was nice to share it with the two of you (and then the Winters, too). I should have bought you that pumpkin ice cream. Darnit! And never worry about Shane having a good time. That is his problem:)

Alycia said...

We had a similar experience. Well... similar in the way that I had planned one thing in my mind and what I got was so very different. It was hotter than my Aunt Hilda in a bathing suit, our hot dogs were way over priced, the kettle corn wasn't any good, and I could not get one decent picture of the little ones. Did I mention it was so hot that my sneakers were melting to the bales of hay? We rushed from one thing to the next just to get it done so that we could leave. The thought of being in an air conditioned car for an hour was way more appealing than seeing how red Mason's face could get sitting on a pint size horse.

On the other hand... it still provided us with entertainment and memories that will last a lifetime. "Remember when we went to the Butt Farm and Mason melted into a pile of pumpkins? Yea... that was fun."

Hope your able to enjoy the rest of the season...

Krista said...

Oh sweetie. I love that you were so honest. LOVE IT! I have a lot of trouble with that. There were times when I was writing the blog that I wanted to tell a little more truth but was too nervous. You know like the part where I said I would spare everyone from having to check out my 100 photos, when reality is the rest sucked and I only posted the good ones. I did not get any of the kids together smiling and perfect. Somehow a reflection of my parenting, right? I guess that is how it makes me feel. I just have to say that I love the honesty, I need it more in my life and I need to say it more also. I am grateful that you and Alycia can keep me smiling, you can keep it real. I think my next post will be an honest account of my day:) Thank you for inspiring me.

carolyn said...

Wow so many pumkins.