Friday, October 31, 2008

The Queen of Hearts

I had the darndest time thinking of a costume this year and The Queen of Hearts was the best I could come up with it, considering I had one night left and wanted to keep it homemade. I rather like it and the striped socks were the cherry on top! Good thing felt is cheap! I made a lot of hearts to sew all over my top and skirt.
And the crown! I made this beauty from an old headband, paper, glitter, fabric roses and lots and lots of hot glue. Best thing I ever made a 2am... So now I am all set for Halloween! Even though I have to work all night... at least we get to dress up!


Erika said...

Oh my heavens, it is gorgeous! I can't wait to see it all together!

Mrs. Juicebox said...

Wow - that is amazing! Remind me never to show you my idea a "homemade" costume. *hint* it would still involve Party City:)

Hey Lady! said...

that's awesome! You're SO creative! Can you imagine if you and I ever got together and made something together, or better yet, planned a party together? I would be AWESOME!