Thursday, November 6, 2008

Oh Humor, I Love Yee

Did anyone catch South Park last night?! Absolutely HILARIOUS. I really don't like to talk politics here but it was too funny and true to not bring up. I was howling during the parts where the people in the streets were 'celebrating' this new 'Change' that Obama has apparently brought us all. Also howled at the shock of the McCain losers when they came out from their bunker in the mountain and saw that that their beloved world was still intact. And all this commotion was created so that the political candidates could collaboratively steal the Hope Diamond from the Smithsonian while everyone else was so busy paroting* or hiding from the end of the world??? HAHAHAA!!

Part 1

Part 2

*Paroting. /pɛər/rŏt/ing/ (V). Paroting is the combinatorial act of partying and rioting. Actions include excessive drinking, back talking and public destruction and is a completely made up word by me.

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