Monday, December 8, 2008

Deck the Halls!

Sunday evening we went to Billy's mom and dad's for lamb chops and scallops and to decorate their Christmas tree with them. We started the evening by toasting with champagne (there is always a reason for champagne at the Woodson's, always) and nibbling on roasted cashews and brie. Will I ever develop a taste for brie? I like to pretend I like it, but the truth is it doesn't really taste like much to me, so I guess I can eat away and fool everyone into thinking I like the taste. Champagne on the other hand? A lot of people hate it but I love it. We loaded up the cd player with more Christmas carols than you could wave a stick at and Susan and I went to town with the decorating. It was wonderful to have been included, and I am glad to say I got my fix this year for decorating a tree.

I had a fairly productive weekend sewing, crafing and planning. More on that tomorrow!


Erika said...

Love the pictures. The ornaments look so pretty.

When are we ever going to find the time to go to that Christmas store???

Hey Lady! said...

Awwww! I always loved decorating the tree and having snacks with my parents, I'm so jealous!