Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hand + Pencil

Hand + Pencil = A Happy Heart

A quick sketch with some fantastic Staedtler leads, blending tools, and a really great eraser. Like riding a bike...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For Little Miss Hailey

Late last week I finished this custom garland for a sweet woman up in Washington, which she ordered for her new niece, baby Hailey. It feels surreal to have made something for someone else, and for them to like it enough to make it a part of their decor!

Hailey's baby room is apparently decorated with reds and blacks, so her auntie asked me to customize the colors for her so that it went with Hailey's room. It was so fun to make, and I am absolutely in love with this idea. Thinking about potential future orders makes me a little nervous however. What if I get a name like Elizabeth (9 letters) or Alexandria (10 letters)?? How the heck am I going to fit that on a 9 foot garland??? Oh well, I guess I shouldn't worry about that until the time comes. Just need to focus on what I need to get done today!

Tonight I have a date with myself! I have been asked to submit a piece for this year's Vista High art auction. Since I have been doing a lot more collage than painting lately, I thought a collage submission might be quicker and easier for me to say yes to! I committed to one thing, but I am hoping to have enough time for two. A one of a kind birthday crown (similar idea to the one here) and if I can manage it, a hand made banner announcing the word "Celebrate." We will see how far I can get in an evening. More to come!

Absolutely unrelated, as I am sitting in my commercial office in Carlsbad, a road runner just poked his head in my front door. Wild!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Flimsy Like Paper Lace

Flimsy like a lace paper window pane
Rattled in a heavy windblown rain
The rain, the rain...

happy Friday xoxo

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Color Me Happy

Yipee!!! So I actually sold something you guys! I got a etsy request to do a rush order of some custom Cupcakes & Kittens invitations for a sweet sweet gal in Washington state. She absolutely loved them and has even ordered a custom Cupcakes & Kittens Name Garland that I am going to get started on tonight! So somebody likes my stuff. You know what that means... other people might like my stuff too! Maybe enough people to finally get to do what I love to do full time. But woah, let's not get ahead of ourselves, I have only sold two things. I am very encouraged however, that even though I have zero time left after all that I do with my days, I am still able to make little steps toward my goal - "The Modern Crush Empire." Haha, well maybe not an empire, but perhaps something I can actually make money from. I have a lot more to add to my etsy shop, A LOT. Much of it will take prototyping, lots of photographing, designing and printing. But like I said... baby steps...

Thursday, January 8, 2009


A little bird told me that Christmas is over. And that it is time to put it all away. Maybe this weekend I will have to say goodbye... to all my jolly friends.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I <3 Limes

Chelsea gave me a hand made book for our wedding of all kinds of recipes that she had gathered from her mom, Lisa who is an absolutely amazing cook. I really admire her and one of the reasons I find her so inspiring is because she taught herself. When I got married I discovered that cooking is not hard for me, and I actually really enjoyed it. I learned most of my skills from Billy because he is amazing, and probably part of my love for cooking comes because he loves to cook with me. I know, I'm lucky :) But I also think a big part of being a good cook is having some killer recipes. In the book Chels made for me there was a recipe for Lime Tortilla Soup. Billy and I made it again the other night and I added a couple new ingredients. It was delicious to say the least and I couldn't help but share it with you!
{1} pound of chicken breast, heavily seasoned, cooked and shredded
{4} cups of chicken broth
{1} small yellow onion, diced
{1} shallot, diced
{1} small can of green chilies
{1} can of stewed tomatoes
{4-6} good sized jarred jalapeno slices, diced
{1/2} a green bell pepper, diced
{1/2} a red bell pepper, diced
The juice of one half a large lime
Salt and cracked pepper as needed

Saute diced onions, shallot, bell peppers and chilies in a large pot with some olive oil until onions are tender. Add in the chicken broth, chicken and tomatoes, and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes. Feel free to add more Mexican seasonings, red pepper flakes and even cumin. When your 20 minutes is up, add in the lime juice, stir and serve. Once the soup is in the bowl, top with cilantro, a good spicy pepper jack cheese, some salty tortilla strips and an additional wedge of lime for squeezing. Makes 4 large serving.

When I cook the chicken for this I add quite a bit of seasoning to it before I drop it in a pan of hot olive oil. Coat both sides of the uncooked chicken with garlic salt, fresh cracked pepper and a good Mexican seasoning. That well seasoned chicken will disperse when you add it to the broth mix and will flavor the soup.

Enjoy! Thanks Chels!