Wednesday, January 28, 2009

For Little Miss Hailey

Late last week I finished this custom garland for a sweet woman up in Washington, which she ordered for her new niece, baby Hailey. It feels surreal to have made something for someone else, and for them to like it enough to make it a part of their decor!

Hailey's baby room is apparently decorated with reds and blacks, so her auntie asked me to customize the colors for her so that it went with Hailey's room. It was so fun to make, and I am absolutely in love with this idea. Thinking about potential future orders makes me a little nervous however. What if I get a name like Elizabeth (9 letters) or Alexandria (10 letters)?? How the heck am I going to fit that on a 9 foot garland??? Oh well, I guess I shouldn't worry about that until the time comes. Just need to focus on what I need to get done today!

Tonight I have a date with myself! I have been asked to submit a piece for this year's Vista High art auction. Since I have been doing a lot more collage than painting lately, I thought a collage submission might be quicker and easier for me to say yes to! I committed to one thing, but I am hoping to have enough time for two. A one of a kind birthday crown (similar idea to the one here) and if I can manage it, a hand made banner announcing the word "Celebrate." We will see how far I can get in an evening. More to come!

Absolutely unrelated, as I am sitting in my commercial office in Carlsbad, a road runner just poked his head in my front door. Wild!


Hey Lady! said...

I LOVE that! That is the best banner I have seen you make so far! I love the red and black (it helps that red is my favorite color). And I'm intrigued by this woman's idea to make a babies room n red and black...not conventional, but it could be cool if done right.

Vista Gal said...

Will they auction off your art????

Erika said...

Love it! Hailey will too:)

Meep Meep!

Krista said...

Too sweet! Adorable! You are so creative. I can not wait to see your art projects, please do share!