Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I <3 Limes

Chelsea gave me a hand made book for our wedding of all kinds of recipes that she had gathered from her mom, Lisa who is an absolutely amazing cook. I really admire her and one of the reasons I find her so inspiring is because she taught herself. When I got married I discovered that cooking is not hard for me, and I actually really enjoyed it. I learned most of my skills from Billy because he is amazing, and probably part of my love for cooking comes because he loves to cook with me. I know, I'm lucky :) But I also think a big part of being a good cook is having some killer recipes. In the book Chels made for me there was a recipe for Lime Tortilla Soup. Billy and I made it again the other night and I added a couple new ingredients. It was delicious to say the least and I couldn't help but share it with you!
{1} pound of chicken breast, heavily seasoned, cooked and shredded
{4} cups of chicken broth
{1} small yellow onion, diced
{1} shallot, diced
{1} small can of green chilies
{1} can of stewed tomatoes
{4-6} good sized jarred jalapeno slices, diced
{1/2} a green bell pepper, diced
{1/2} a red bell pepper, diced
The juice of one half a large lime
Salt and cracked pepper as needed

Saute diced onions, shallot, bell peppers and chilies in a large pot with some olive oil until onions are tender. Add in the chicken broth, chicken and tomatoes, and bring to a boil. Cover and reduce to a simmer for 20 minutes. Feel free to add more Mexican seasonings, red pepper flakes and even cumin. When your 20 minutes is up, add in the lime juice, stir and serve. Once the soup is in the bowl, top with cilantro, a good spicy pepper jack cheese, some salty tortilla strips and an additional wedge of lime for squeezing. Makes 4 large serving.

When I cook the chicken for this I add quite a bit of seasoning to it before I drop it in a pan of hot olive oil. Coat both sides of the uncooked chicken with garlic salt, fresh cracked pepper and a good Mexican seasoning. That well seasoned chicken will disperse when you add it to the broth mix and will flavor the soup.

Enjoy! Thanks Chels!


Vista Gal said...


Vista Gal said...

Keep those recipes coming!

Krista said...

Sounds amazing! I am going to try it:) I am with "Vista Gal" Keep sharing, I need all the help I can get.

Hey Lady! said...

I've decided to make this for my sewing date with Jenn on Saturday, sounds really good! Thanks lady!

Hey Lady! said...

We ate this soup tonight, it was good, thank you for the recipe! I added some frozen white corn, I found it was a nice complement to spices!

Modern Crush said...

Yay! I am glad it turned out nicely!