Thursday, January 8, 2009


A little bird told me that Christmas is over. And that it is time to put it all away. Maybe this weekend I will have to say goodbye... to all my jolly friends.


monk said...

Hehe, I still have not taken down my decorations either. That makes me feel better to know that someone else is just as ridiculously delinquent as I am :)

Anonymous said...

Christmas is my favorite holiday.
It seems that we are forced to get out the decorations and gild the home to prepare for it's coming, and it comes at us like a freight train,and passes us up so quickly. The husband is eager to place the tinsels and gildeds away for another year and you just want to sit and gaze and enjoy the pretties just a little while longer.
Once put away, the home seems so plain.
Soon, we forget, and all is the same once again until next year.

Vista gal said...

That was me... Vista gal