Sunday, February 22, 2009

Yellow Week - Day Seven

Ok last day of yellow week peeps! Seriously I realized that I really don't have that much yellow in my house. Shocking, no? The color week was fun. Would anyone like to do color postings (or pattern postings!!?? like plaid, stripes, checks, or a combination perhaps) in the future? We could make a little game out of it ourselves. It's a great exercise to get you thinking about what is around you. Not too often though, it can be a bit exhausting. Cheers to having a happy week of yellow! And what a cherry chick this little one is!


Hey Lady! said...

I love the little chicky!! I would do a pattern or color posting, but sadly I still don't know how to get the pictures from my camera on to my computer and require help... I know, I'm like an old lady in the dark ages... wait, what is that black thing with the long cord next to my keyboard, mouse you say?

Hey Lady! said...

Okay, I took your challenge, except I needed something I was an expert in, television! More specifically, television about teenagers!