Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Little Birdie

This past Sunday I was the grateful host of a baby shower for a little boy and his very sweet and very excited mother. So fun! It was kind of a bird theme, and these nests were left over from a recent baby shower I helped put together - they were the perfect!
Fresh flowers were everywhere. Dude, why can't I have these all the time?? I made this punch - lemon lime soda, strawberry soda, strawberry ice cream and frozen peaches. Um, it was like to die for. My only complaint is that I needed a bigger glass. And a really big straw.
A little something I put together for mommy to take home for baby's room. Notice the mantle? IT'S NEW. More on that later...
So now how many baby showers have I been a part of? TOO MANY. Aww but baby showers are so fun! And baby clothes are just too cute. Anyone want to have a shower at my house? I'm game. I'm a pro by now!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Tegan!

Saturday we were happy guests of Tegan's second birthday party. Tegan we love you! This little girl has a very special place in this honorary Auntie's heart. Must be special... not everyone posts about other peoples kids! Yes, Tegan is so very sweet. Funny - she thought the cupcakes were her 'party.' Didn't quite get that they were just part of the party. The day was so enjoyable, I wasn't ready to leave when it was over.
Erika outdid herself - which is nothing unexpected. The cupcakes with Oreo halves as Minnie ears were beautiful, and tasted amazing. Erika! You are truly a wonderful lady.
A very happy occasion indeed.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring Is (Almost) Sprung!

I've had a box of some really cute foam pears for quite some time, so this weekend I decided to whip up this sweet little Spring pear garland to go over the mirror in the living room. Only, as I started stringing the beads and pears together and realized that I needed twice as much pears as I actually had to finish the 9 foot garland. Ugh.
To fill in for the lack of pears I made some of these little paper circles to go between, which actually turned out to look way better than a garland of just plain pears and beads. Yay! It was a success after all!
And what craft would be a success without my dear helper? That's right, my left hand woman, my side kick, my compagnon as they say in France. Mary Jane! Move it or lose it sister.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Homemade Love

My dear friend Katie convinced me to post about the handmade Valentine cards that Billy and I made for each other this year. Her and her husband have the same tradition we have! It has turned into an annual thing for us where no gifts are involved at Valentine's Day, just handmade cards. And every year he makes this girl sooo happy. If you and your Valentine don't have a tradition like this, I would highly recommend it. Nothing speaks volumes of love like the sweet thoughts of a man written on a handmade Valentine.
How sweet is that! You make me teary love!
Above is the one I made for him, but it is not near as charming as his.
I love you sweetheart! You are the best Valentine a girl could ask for.