Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Tegan!

Saturday we were happy guests of Tegan's second birthday party. Tegan we love you! This little girl has a very special place in this honorary Auntie's heart. Must be special... not everyone posts about other peoples kids! Yes, Tegan is so very sweet. Funny - she thought the cupcakes were her 'party.' Didn't quite get that they were just part of the party. The day was so enjoyable, I wasn't ready to leave when it was over.
Erika outdid herself - which is nothing unexpected. The cupcakes with Oreo halves as Minnie ears were beautiful, and tasted amazing. Erika! You are truly a wonderful lady.
A very happy occasion indeed.


Erika said...

Thanks, Georgia. You were such a big help and you are a great Auntie:) We love you!

Hey Lady! said...

So cute! I can't imagine once you have your own kids!

Vist5a gal said...

I l love the picture of mommie and Tegan's feet. ~Vista Gal~