Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quiet and Wonderful

It's been quiet around here. But sometimes quiet is good. Quiet often gives me time to think about it all. I have been getting up early these past few mornings and have sat on the front path with the cats. It is so quiet out front in the morning, not a soul around and all you can hear are the birds saying good day. Jonah and Jesse love to sit by my side; they love the company - orange cats make the best buddies. Tonight I will have the evening to myself - and I plan to get that binding finished on that quilt I am working on. I think I will require a pot of tea and a good movie (maybe watch Twilight again, heh).


Vista Gal said...

I didn't know that you had ginger cats!!
How about a few pictures of them!

Vista Gal said...

I love the early morning.
I like to try to hear the first birdsong of the morning.
I thrill to hear the rapid tapping of the woodpecker!
This morning unfortunately I was awaken by a noisy parrot named Rudy calling out hid daddy's name,"PAULLL".
I can't wait until the mornings are a bit warmer so that I can take my Bible Study our to the porch or patio or deck and feel like I am at a B&B.
I wish that I had a tape of the names of birds and their songs so that they were identifiable.
Have a beautiful day!~M~

Vista Gal said...

Have you ever heard the song, Morning Has Broken by Cat Stevens?
This is what I think of listening to the birds in my garden.

Modern Crush said...

No! I have never heard that song, I will have to look it up! I know, the birds in the morning are wonderful. There is only one thing that I find more wonderful and that is birds in the night. Once in a while they are all out singing by the light of the moon... Yes! I will have to post more of the orange kitties, I know, Mary Jane dominates the pictures - she is camera happy.

Hey Lady! said...

Sounds awesome! Mornings are nice here in the Lone Star State too, I just rarely see more then a couple hours of morning traditionally. Guess thats what we get for living on Pacific time. You'll have to post pictures of this quilt when you're done with it.