Friday, April 3, 2009

The Nest of a Lion

One strange Friday evening...

Girl: Wow! Your hair!

Me: I know, its huge when I put it up - there is just so much of it.

Girl: Yeah there is!

Me: Heavy too.

Girl: Maybe it's time for a chop. You should chop it all off.

Me: What?! Chop it off?

Girl: Yeah, just chop it all off. It's like a lion's nest!

Me: A lion's nest?!

Girl: Yeah! A lion's nest! Its like the color of a lion. Matches your cat eyes. You have features that are very cat like.

Me: A lion's nest. Huh. But what is a lion's nest anyway??

Girl: You know - - - like a lion's nest!

* * * * *

Would anyone care to shed some insight on what exactly a lion's nest entails? My explanation is this: lay off the crack pipe, girlfriend.


Aaron and Katie said...

LOL! Oh my goodness! The nerve of that "girl." I don't know what a lion's nest is. Sorry.

Hey Lady! said...

Maybe she meant lion's mane? Because loins don't live in nests, they live in dens, and your hair looks nothing like a lion's den, for sure.

It doesn't look like a lion's "nest" either, maybe she meant like "rat's nest"? Though it doesn't look like that either...

I think your initial assessment is correct.