Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Prelude to Easter and Some Retro Charm

This week is flying by quicker than I anticipated, it is already Wednesday and I feel like it was just Sunday. The weather was warm and dry this last weekend which was a wonderful break from the clouds and the chill. Easter is almost upon us, which I totally can't believe is already here! I have to go candy shopping - it wouldn't be Easter without a basket loaded with chocolate. Yes, I still make an Easter basket because I am lame and I have not outgrown it yet. When sunday rolls around I will share with you the story of the caramel egg. Gripping, I know.

I had so many Easter crafts on the to do list that I never had time for which totally bums me out. Between the baby shower and the quilt and work there was no way I could get them done. So sad... maybe next year. On the contrary I do find cheer in the events we have planned for Saturday. My sister is coming over Saturday and the three of us are going to dye eggs. Then we will have to figure out how we are going to eat them all...
So the quilt! Let me get to that. I have had this quilt in the works for a couple months now and seeing as how I have a deadline delivery date of this coming Saturday I have had to really get a move on. Last night I got about half of it done - by the light of the moon, the sound of rain on the roof and the wonderfully charming company of Le Divorce. I used a palette of blues and greens, all from Amy Butler's current Daisy Chain line, which I absolutely love. It's so retro, dont you think? The quilt is a wedding gift for a couple of dear friends that are getting married on Saturday. See their initials? That part is embroidery for the bottom corner of the quilt. C'est un projet amusant, no? I will be sure and post some pictures when it is done.


Erika said...

I absolutely CANNOT wait to see it! They are soooo lucky!!

Krista said...

The colors and prints are amazing, I am with Erika.....I cannot wait to see it!