Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Sunshiney Day

Easter! It was a beautiful day. We started our morning with a sunrise service at the flower fields near us - dude, getting there at 5:45am was rough, especially after having gone to the wedding the night before. But when the sun rises and you find yourself in such a beautiful place singing to such a wonderful God, you get right past all the early morning grumbling.

We spent the rest of Easter over at Billy's parents house, which was the most Easter fun I can remember having in a long time. Ok you are going to think we are totally lame but we had an Easter egg hunt. Yeah, I know, there wasn't a little kid in sight - just us big kids. Deanna was complaining that we never had an egg hunt for her when she was little, so we filled about 100 eggs with candy and the parents hid them around and then we went crazy. It was hilarious for lack of better words, and surprisingly competitive. And I made a huge Easter basket for us at home. Can you see my huge grin? Yeah! No, I'm not too old and chocolate is my vice. Heh. Cheers for Easter!


Erika said...

You guys are too funny. You need a few little kids around;)

The Peek Family said...

Sounds like fun! Glad to see you all still have your "kid side". So fun!

Elizabeth said...

Never too old for Easter baskets or egg hunts :)

dinospumoni said...

i love to see my tragus pierced in pictures its awesome!