Monday, May 25, 2009

Saturday Market

Saturday we finally got over to the Farmers Market for the first time this season. They moved it at the end of last season, so now I can't conveniently walk over like I used to - I have to drive. But it was totally worth it... there were so many amazing things to look at and take home.
Our Market doesn't compare to some towns out there I'm sure, but I love it as part of our city. It's the colors of a patchwork quilt, a spring quilt, blooming from the earthy ground. 
A feast for the eyes and the tongue... especially the fresh cherry apple juice we shared. 
I will be back soon Market. Promise <3


Heather said...

This next weekend, ours opens...I'm pumped. It has grown since last year and we're anticipating a good crowd throughout the summer.

Yes, loving the market idea. *sigh*

Erika said...

I just want to grab a handful of those blueberries! And the artichokes! Love it!

the kitschen table said...

Here in Rochester, NY the market is a little less lush than yours at this time of year. BUT, strawberries and spinach and blueberries,lettuce,cilantro and arugula are on their way! Yea!I plan to buy annuals at our market this weekend.


Celestial said...

Our farmer's markets open this weekend. Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Dang...looks so good.