Sunday, June 21, 2009

After the Weekend

Hope you had a fun weekend, mine was a whirlwind of shopping, tea parties, and family. Snoozing was definitely on my list, but it didn't happen much. I am sitting here listening to Midlake, I really love those guys. I have a fair amount on my plate already this week so I have to be sure and use my time wisely. I had a batch of custom order crowns finished this last week and so now I am working on my next goal, which is to make a large handful to put in my etsy shop. There is nothing in there now and honestly am a bit embarrassed to tell people to go visit my empty shop. I am still toying with packaging - I will have to show you soon how the crowns look in their little boxes. I can't advertise for myself if I have nothing to show, so now do you see why it is my next goal? A very important step indeed. I made one for Erika's mom this weekend (happy birthday Missy!!) and she loved it so much she was jumping up and down. I LOVE this reaction. I want others to share in that excitement when they give them as gifts so much.

Yesterday was the first day of summer. I was going to post about it, but it slipped by before I could catch the opportunity. Happy Summer to you. I hope your days are filled with iced tea, popsicles and warm summer evenings. <3


Erika said...

The crown was so lovely and perfect. And she did LOVE it. I need to take my camera over to take some pictures and then I will post them so everyone can see!

It was fun to hang out on Saturday<3

amy @ switz~art said...

oooh, i cannot wait to see your packaging! i bet it will be perfect!

what a fabulous weekend, for the most part. we had a soggy Saturday, but it did not stop us from going Stateside (which is only a 1/2 hour from our place!)'s Corona & lime for me tonight! *wink*

Celestial said...

want to rub the belly (kitty belly that is)

Modern Crush said...

I know Celeste, right?? Can you see his little smile too? heheh

Erin said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend! Look forward to checking out your Etsy shop once you have some new items. Enjoy the iced tea... that is something absent from Australian culture, and I miss it.

Vista Gal said...

The crown is lovely... The crown is lovely!!! I would wear it everywhere, but I must keep a low profile, otherwise others will think I am full of myself. It is too lovely to keep on the shelf and I am happy that I can view it in its packaging!
Thank you and Erika for the most wonderful gift! It truly was a Happy Tea Party!