Monday, June 29, 2009

Coming to Stay

Photo via moonjuice
Yesterday Summer showed up at my door. I knew it was her - suitcase full. Full of lanterns and june bugs, berries and bare skin. Sticky and sweet are her ways, soaked are her words.
I think that we are mostly friends, she and I. Following me like a shadow at dusk, and rising with me in the morning.
I can see her behind a jar of tea, I can sense her on the tip of my spoon. Her poetry is moonlight, her breath hovers over asphalt.
We hold hands and run, run until she is called back home.


Erika said...


amy @ switz~art said...

not that is some post!
perfect i love summer!

Hey Lady! said...

So peaceful, so surreal...

Vista Gal said...

Ethan and I had a discussion of which season was our favorite and it was reminiscent of your blog.
How fun!

Tisra said...

Delightful words- wow!