Saturday, June 27, 2009

thé de chocolat

So I did a little experiment on myself. I decided to stop drinking coffee (really Starbucks all together) to see how my body reacted. I have to tell you that I feel and feel like I look different. I think my body was having an aversion to milk, and the coffee wasn't helping either. It has only been about two weeks but my clothes fit better, my stomach is flatter and I feel like I am in better control of my cravings (and I have saved money!). I think avoiding the milk though has been a big part in it, although I am no doctor. Looking back I notice that I never started having issues until I started the Starbucks habit anyway and I have never really been a coffee drinker but sugary coffee drinks have always been what attracts me there. I am willing to keep it up seeing as how I am not a huge fan of milk or coffee on their own - just when they are all mixed together with a whole lot of sugar and chocolate!
So to curb my rabid sweet tooth I have switched to drinking teas that calm that craving. I have always been a tea drinker but sometimes it gets blazay. For those of you who are tea drinkers I know you can relate. I've had this Valentine Tea unopened in my cupboard for a long time and I opened it the other day to discover I was absolutely hooked. I have to have it with a bit of sugar and a splash of cream - but it's amazing. My good friend Chelsea told me once that when she starts craving sweets, she makes a cup of tea (at the time we were addicted to chocolate mint tea) and it takes care of her craving. This is so true for me too and I am really willing to give it a better effort to feel better. I LOVE tea. Sometime I find myself forgetting that it doesn't have to be boring, or plain. It is good to be reminded agin that tea can be exceptionally delicious and indulgent.


Erika said...

Hard to do, but good for you!! That is awesome. I will have to try the tea when I have a craving thing. You know I love tea (and drink it craving or not ALL the time). Thanks for your recent donation to my habit also:) I have some Valentine's Tea I will pass on to you also.

stephanie said...

ooh, Harney & Sons is fabulous. My favorite is their cinnamon tea -- it's absolutely delicious! And my very favorite tea of all time: Market Spice Tea from Seattle's Pikes Market -- it's naturally sweet, so you don't even need sugar! Divine, incredible -- amazing. You can order it on Amazon now (or directly from the shop):

Chelsea said...

That's funny... anytime I drink tea that is sweeter I think of you and how we would try to do that at work. I kind of went through the same thing not too long ago as well... getting somewhat addicted to lattes etc. but I think it was more the idea of drinking it than the actual drink itself. I liked the idea that I would wake up and go get a delicious drink as part of my morning routine. But caffeine really does not wake me up, and sometimes makes me feel really bad. I have been missing some of those great teas we used to drink together, but I am always on the lookout for new and unusual flavors! Have you guys ever tried the brand Numi? It is the company of a friend of a friend, and he gave me a bunch of different flavors and really liked it. Is it hard to not be tempted at work though? miss you tons Georgia.

Celestial said...

I haven't been able to drink coffee for years, but I admit that a Grande no water Chai from Starbucks is my comfort drink.

Try honey with your tea instead of sugar. Hubby and I have switched over to honey and while you use more to make it sweeter it can really bring out a lovely flavor in the tea. I can't stand black tea but love white and greens.

I'm not sure where I read it, but apparently milk in your tea negates a decent amount of 'good' that the tea does for you. I'll have to research that again to see if it's actually true or not. But all the same hubby and I have opted out of milk in ours.

Clarity said...

I am so glad to find you are a tea drinker, a lapsed one but hey, back on! I agree it can get rather tedious when you forget but I adore it - cupboard choc full of herbals, Chinese mixes and greens.
Never tried choc mint tea though, it sounds gorgeous. Now if only they sold it here.

Hey Lady! said...

I've been told to try lactaid if you want to have something with lots of milk or cream.
I have never had chocolate tea, sounds strange, like chocolate yogurt. Harney and Sons is sold at Barnes and Noble here in the "Lone Star State"(and some Starbucks), so I'll have to look around for it.

Good for you for giving up the 1500 calorie Starbucks drinks, that's not easy!