Friday, June 5, 2009


It is fun to shop for wedding gifts when your friends and you have the same style, dont you think? That's when you ditch the registry list and go straight to the stores you love.
You just know they will love everything you choose, and it sets you apart. I have had few friends in my life whose styles match mine wonderfully. My best friend Erika is the person that has matched my style best more than anyone else my whole life. I can go somewhere and buy something I love and she almost always loves it just the same, and she to I. And actually over the years we have ended up with many of the same things in our homes. It's rare in life you can connect with someone on that level - to actually have found a person, a friend, that you match closely with. Well, these wedding gifts are not for her (she is already married), but I am betting she will love them just as much as I do. <3


Erika said...

I love it. And I love the way you photographed it too! They will love it too:)

amy @ switz~art said...

That book is THE perfect wedding gift! And the teacups and the card...perfect!

Happy Weekend!

jen said...

those are such thoughtful and wonderful gifts! i spy a trip to anthropologie in there, right?

my friends and i tend to have different personal styles but at the same time we usually know what each other would like for a gift. (luckily!)

and thank you for your recent commenting - i'm glad you've been enjoying my blog!

Brian said...

Love the card. Is it letterpress? I am taking a letterpress course right now. It is hard and complicated...everything is upside down and backwards. But, I'm getting the hang of it, finally. Lots of great vintage graphics to work with.


Brian said...

SO weird....I am not Brian. Don't know a Brian. What is up with that??????


Modern Crush said...

Julie! I don't know!!! When I click "Brian" it takes me nowhere! Maybe log in again? I'd love to see your blog... Yes, that card is letterpress - I am envious you are learning it. I want to do it sooo bad. The moment my life frees up I want to take a class. Hope to talk to you again!