Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Lucky cat. This is pretty much all I have wanted to do so far this week, thanks to a very busy and unrestful weekend. Birthdays, sister's prom and the usual long houred responsibilities kept me busy almost every single second. Ended the night Saturday with a vodka and cranberry which was a nice and welcome treat for a long day. Today the thunder has been rumbling since the early morning, and just at this very moment I can hear a few raindrops on the trees. It is so muggy - I love muggy storm air, but I find that I really just want to climb inside my warm fluffy bed like Mary Jane. Soon enough the evening will becon me that way...

Have you seen the trailer for New Moon yet? You can see it here. I am getting tingly all over again <3


Erika said...

It looks so inviting. I agree! I would cuddle up in bed with a book and a cup of tea.

amy @ switz~art said...

Oh, sweet Mary Jane! Has she completely healed? I hope so!
That trailer is very exciting! This book was hard for me...when Edward left it ripped my heart out!

I will be making your prezzie very shortly and will ship it soon!

Happy Wednesday!

Hey Lady! said...

Obviously they've upped the special effects budget for the sequel, huh? Can't wait for November.

Mary Jane reminds me of Buu, she is doing that same thing right now.