Monday, August 3, 2009

Labor of Love

This weekend was my dads 60th Birthday! My sister Deanna and I decided that for the occasion we were going to take on the brilliant challenge of cooking - everything. By ourselves. From scratch. For 7 people. So out came my stack of favorite cook books and I put together a menu that was very very tasty! My kitchen was HOT, people. Ovens, toaster ovens and stoves all going at the same time really cranks up that heat man. Cooking big meals in the summer is really rough, but when you know what you are making is going to be delicious, it sure seems worth it.
I remembered Alica posting about a very beautiful and very delicious cake that she made a couple years ago so I thought this was the perfect occasion to try it out. I will tell you this - I will never make a cake from a box ever again. This cake from scratch was amazingly easy and tasted better then any package I have ever tried. And her Cloudburst frosting? Amazing - and decadent!
Orzo with toasted pine nuts (caution: pine nuts - $10 per lb.) with feta.
Toasted almonds for an amazing citrus spinach salad... you could just pile on some whipped cream and I would eat these.
And the main dish, kabobs of three different varieties, beef, shrimp and bacon wrapped shrimp. Um, wow. So you can see our ambitious meal made by two, turned out to be loved by seven.
So we ate and we ate... until it all had magically disappeared.
And that dessert was just the icing on the cake...
Happy Birthday to our dear dad. Our labor of love didn't even show a portion of how much we care...
But it sure was delicious...


Celestial said...

Looks like a lovely time. I remember that cake recipe. Wonder why I never tried it...

amy @ switz~art said...

now i am incredibly hungry...must go and eat!

sounds like you all had a blast...and full tummies! yay!

Erika said...

Oh my goodness! It looks... AMAZING! I am drooling. I admire your skillz and want to eat it all. I totally want the cake recipe too:) And Happy Birthday to your dad!

Hey Lady! said...

You two are so sweet! I imagine your father loved every second of it (well the part he was eating anyway).

Linda said...

How sweet! And it looks yummy. My kids took me out for my 60th in May. 60 is good!