Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Northern California

On a trip up to Northern California this weekend to visit family, we were lucky enough to have time to cut through San Francisco for lunch, which I was thrilled about since I have great memories in that city. On our way out, before we reached the Golden Gate bridge and drove up to Sonoma, we passed by the Marina Green where SF's annual kite festival was going on. There were so many kites!
They were mesmerizing, but alas we could not stay. We needed to get going, and so we did, over the bridge we went and up the state we drove. The site presented to me when we reached our destination up in Healdsburg was just as equally mesmerizing - wine country.
Atop a mountain covered in family vineyards
is where we arrived, took in the valley and the site of harvest time.
This year's harvest was abounding, they said, the vines were ready for picking.
And I would have to agree on many levels myself,
for there would be no better time to harvest than the present.


Elizabeth said...

You are there at such a great time of year! Beautiful photos!!!

Celestial said...

Oh, I love northern California! I've been through so infrequently, and mostly in my school years. Hubby and I spent part of our honeymoon on the Mendocino Coast and loved every moment of it. It's my dream to go visit around harvest time. I think it would feel like a dream.

Great photos!

Erika said...

I love the colors in the photos. And the vineyards, how romantic. If nothing else, I am glad you got to get away and be together<3

Anonymous said...

What fantastic photos! I'm totally ready to pop open a bottle of red right now.

Anonymous said...

Just stumbled across your blog. Is that your husband?

Modern Crush said...

Yes, that is my husband. Thanks for visiting whoever you are :)

Heather said...

I have never been to S.F. but it is on my shortlist of places to visit when this blasted recession decides to finally make an exit. Great, great photos.

Pamela said...

Great pictures and post Georgia!

Hey Lady! said...

for some reason that picture of you and my brother looks strange to me... Like it's not him...

Love the pictures and having you there that weekend SAVED me. It would have sucked without you, truly.