Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Sentiment of Autumn

Today is the first day of Autumn. I woke to a very misty morning, When I went to let the kitties out early I saw that the lawn was covered in fog and dew. I started to think about what is to come this Autumn as I looked out at my kitty friends, their noses pointed up, smelling the wet air. Among my thoughts were sentiments regarding this pivotal change in year - where we finally say goodbye to summer and her watermelon, lemonade and strawberries and trade them for Autumn's hot tea, baking and sweaters. Pumpkins, cinnamon spices, leaves, quilts, candles and a change in daylight are sure to fill my senses in the coming weeks. A trip to the pumpkin patch will follow tradition's suit, and just as soon I will find myself filled with excitement and anticipation for the last few holidays this year has to offer.

I reminisced about the past - hauling my mother's old suitcase out from under her bed to unearth the fall decorations. I was always pleasantly reminded of past seasons by what I would pull from that old suitcase: garlands of leaves, candles, home sewn trick-or-treat sacks and mounds of Halloween decor - all a child needs to spark their imagination and memory. So to you I toast this chilly morning, this year's first day of Autumn, with a cup of pumpkin spice cocoa. Get out the cinnamon! Get out the cloves! Autumn is here friends, take the time to enjoy her this year.


Celestial said...

Dare I admit I've been celebrating Autumn all summer? I can't count the number of Friday evenings I have worn my socks/Docs/jeans/light sweater uniform to Starbucks where I was thankful to order my Chai and pumpkin loaf. But this has been the MN summer to do so, and I have felt blessed.

jen said...

hello dear, you've won my giveaway!

Erika said...

I loved the fog today. And the little sprinkles falling from the leaves on the tree onto the patio. Now if it would just cool off.

And... you won a giveaway!! You luck gal. Can't say you never win anymore:)

amy @ switz~art said...

i am already enjoying, sunshine! had my first pumpkin spice latte yesterday from starbuck's...yum, yum! i am going back for #2 tomorrow!

beautiful photo, my dear! hope all is well!

Melissa A. said...

You paint such a wonderful picture of fall with your words. Spring and Fall are my favorite seasons. The weather stayed warmer longer here, but now it is finally starting to feel like fall and the rain has started coming down. I love when all the leaves start to change color and I can get my carmel apple spice from Starbucks.

Modern Crush said...

Melissa, Caramel Apple Spice! I think that will be my new drink this year too, since I don't do milk anymore. Wonderful wonderful flavors. Thank you for your very kind words dear, xo