Saturday, October 3, 2009

Admired {Fingerless Gloves}

fingerless gloves in grey by homelab, $35
spicy mustard cable knit wool gloves by corrugatedfiber, $42
purple gloves by afra, $25
moss green bamboo silk fingerless gloves by ginaminda, $44
beige cabled fingerless gloves by homelab, $35
teal hand warmers by handknittedthings, $24
textured fingerless gloves by phylphil, $25

My love for fingerless gloves came from a trip up to San Francisco a couple Autumns ago, while shopping in the Fillmore district with Chels. Urban places tend to do that to you, inspire. I bought a few pairs on that trip, and so began my amity for fingerless gloves. They are so practical, unlike full fingered gloves, and render you able to grip and type and button your coat. Above are some gems I found on etsy, I know my cold weather friends have already started thinking warm. I already have a wish list going for these, hope you love them! <3>


Chelsea said...

Oh these are all so pretty Georgia!! I remember when you bought those...didn't you find them in Mark by Mark oh Fillmore by all places?

amy @ switz~art said...

I adore fingerless gloves! So fun! Love this post, girly!

erika said...

Sooo cool! I think we need to start crocheting or knitting so WE can make them. And then go to cold places so we can wear them:)

Madeline said...

Loving it!!

Melissa A. said...

I have always wanted a pair of these. I will definately check out all your links.

Hey Lady! said...

OH! I love these! SO cute! I always thought of fingerless groves as something bikers wear, or Michael Jackson... SO glad you've changed my mind!

jen said...

they are all so adorable! makes me want to crochet again. :)

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