Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On a Very Windy October Day...

Just a little 'hoot' here to say hello. I have a large cluster of homegrown pumpkins on my porch. All my little Halloween goodies are hung around the house. Now I just need some candy to fill my glass pumpkin! A costume is in the works... we'll see how it turns out. Today is extremely blustery, the roads are littered with tree branches and leaves. The fireplace is whistling and it is just the eeriest sound. Good thing I am inside sipping a hot cup of tea!

It is almost time! What are you going to dress as this Halloween? Any big plans? I want to hear all about it. xo


amy @ switz~art said...

Boo! :-D
No plans for dressing up, but loved decorating the house this year! We scored a ton of decorations from my grandparents when they moved into the retirement village.
It is cold here too! Poo! Tis the season! That hot cuppa tea sounds divine! I hope all is well with my Miss Georgia! How are the kitties?

Pamela said...

We've invited a few friends over to hang out, eat chili for dinner and consume large quantities of candy and apple cider. I may not dress up as anything, but if I can't figure something out, I can always default to my old Princess Leia costume...... :)

Aaron and Katie said...

This year is the first time I will dress-up in 7 years! Maybe it changed when I have a child of my own- and an accessable costume. I'm going to be a painter. It's the outfit I always use when I paint and it's the only thing that will fit my pregnant body. Caroline is going to be cookie monster. We are having a church halloween party tonight and a family halloween dinner at my house tomorrow. I hope to see pictures of your costume soon!