Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pour le Maisonnette {Crown #3}

Here is the third crown I have made for Maisonnette! It is green and blue! This combination is refreshing - leaves me thinking thoughts about blue popsicles, cucumbers and gold foil covered chocolate bars.
It was fun to get all these shades of green together and watch them flow from one side of the crown to the other.
I didn't originally intend to have colors other than blues and greens for this one, however the patterns I had in my stash lent themselves and were relentless. My eye just wouldn't stop looking at them - guess that's when you know you are supposed to use them! And my messy messy stash, that is a story of it's own. I am SO good at turning an area in my home absolutely upside down. I am the messiest crafter ever! I claim it is part of my creative process:)
But the results are often very worth the mess. Like this green crown, which is seriously one of my favorites to date.
So I hope you have enjoyed this little trio of crowns - and I hope all of Maisonnettes shoppers love them too! I will be back soon to show you the little pillows for them to rest on, as well as the other goodies I am bringing along with me to decorate their new home in the shop.

Happy Wednesday friends,


Celestial said...

Again, so lovely. I hope you can take and share a photo of them at the store with us. I'm so curious!

erika said...

I love the ribbons and colors. You are something else!

Madeline said...

So beautiful! I love these colors too!

Melissa A. said...

Oooooh, some more pretty crowns. I really like this one. I wish I had the funds to purchase one, but my birthday is coming up in December. It might just be on my list.

jen said...

i LOVE the colors! the green and blue is so pretty with the gold, and other colors to accent the crown. too pretty!