Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday Advice

This weekend really felt like fall. The air was crisp, the evening was cool - a perfect Sunday evening for a stroll around the neighborhood with my sister. You know the kind of evening where you breathe deep and can smell the neighbors fireplaces, invoking images of sugarplums and tinsel in your head. We chatted all along the way, until we rounded the corner to find piles of dried sycamore leaves lining the gutter. We stomped and crunched in pleasant silence. We didn't have to say a word.
Crisp evenings like these, they really get me thinking about the festivities to come in the next month and a half. I myself like to start shopping for Christmas gifts early - in fact I started in July. Sometimes it is really easy to gather gift ideas for certain people. Sometimes it is not so easy. So this is where I am asking your opinion about something.

For all of you who are married, I have a question for you. When you shop for Christmas presents for your husband, what is your method? Do you spend way more on him than other members of your family? Do you opt out of separate presents and just get a larger gift for the two of you instead? Do you get a bunch of little things, or always something big? These are questions I would really appreciate hearing your thoughts on. This year I am a little perplexed on what to do. Tell me! I need your advice!

I want to pull out all the Christmas decorations now. But I won't. Not yet. The day after Thanksgiving is my rule. I have so many craft ideas that I want to accomplish for the season. We'll see how far I get this time around...

{the painting above is from one of my very favorite artists, Anri Marutyan, an Armenian artist I found on Flickr several years ago.}


Anonymous said...

A man's perspective...
Personally, I would rather have one or two more expensive gifts than several cheaper ones. However, if you go with something like a theme, smaller gifts can work. One year Pamela got me a bunch of Lord of the Rings stuff (cheaper smaller gifts). I was stoked.

amy @ switz~art said...

break your rules, girl! :-)

my hubby and i usually go on a hot vacation...usually mexico, so we don't buy gifts. but this year, we're adding a Nintendo Wii or a PS3 to the equation! LOL!

Celestial said...

I usually tend towards multiple smaller gifts, and that often ends up being clothes (because that's what he asks for!). I'll go the single large gift route if I know there is something he would absolutely love.

I tend to be the one person who can't stop buying and giving gifts. I love finding a wonderful and useful gift that I know will be cherished or simply something everyone laughs at.

This year is a little tighter (I think it is for a good chunk of people out there), and ironically neither of us can think of multiple things that we would like for Christmas.

I usually go out shopping several weeks to several months before Christmas while he's out of the house. Or we'll plan a night where we both go out in separate cars in opposite directions. I have to admit that adds a little bit of mystery and excitement to the evening.

Pamela said...

I don't really have a method. I just ask him to give me a list before Christmas of the things that he wants most. I add these things to what I can remember him telling me throughout the year, and just try to pick the things that I think will mean most to him.