Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Lovely December

Glorious rain! We bundled up and drove - it was a delight. As I get older, I seem to appreciate the rain more and more. The healing power it has on the earth, the peaceful dreamy sound of it's greeting on my roof. The way it seems to wash away the film of all the days in the past.
Winter is upon us, but her icy reach is pleasant where we live. Her wintery hand is gentle here. When she stretches out her arm, instead of icicles and frozen ponds where skaters twirl, we get a winter like ice cream, cold - but still wonderful enough to enjoy. A compromise, in our favor. A blessing. Just like the rain...
Hope your weekend was one that was bundled up tight.



Celestial said...

Beautiful pics. Makes me homesick for the Pacific Northwest.

I really love the rain. It seems to depress everyone out here. It refreshes me.

Modern Crush said...

Oh yes, the rain is so lovely Celeste, I would love to visit around where you used to live too - someday!