Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome December

December is here! I've got a bag of jolly gifts in my closet - trying to keep that part a secret so no one around here feels the need to take a peek. Billy is way into candy making, and this past week we have been narrowing down what to make. This is something I used to do earnestly every year - surprise our friends and neighbors with a tin or plate full of delicious wonders, something my friends and I actually did for each other in high school. I like to take a day in December for a baking day, now just me and my husband. On the list for this year we have chocolate dipped pretzels and oreos, seven layer bars, sandies, fudge, cookies, and possibly peanut butter cups.

Part of my two week hiatus was wrapped up in making Christmas ornaments for a boutique I was participating in. Of course I forgot to take pictures of all that I made - and I only came home with two. A while back I acquired some gold Dresden pieces - trim (as you see above) and medallions. I am really more of a silver lover, but there is something about gold at Christmastime that makes things just sparkle. These ornaments were fun to make - each one of the 12 I arrived with were all different and all lovely. They are especially fun in that they are cone shaped - so you can actually put little goodies inside and hang them on your tree. Perhaps I will have to make another batch...



erika said...

The day of baking sounds so fun. I love to bake. May need to do that this year. Lucky for me, I will have a few willing little helpers over here:) The ornament is gorgeous!

Celestial said...

Oh, listing all those goodies sounds so yummy. And the ornament is very lovely. The girl looks like she's hanging a stocking.

I'm not much of a gold person either, but the warmth of it this time of year is nice.