Monday, December 27, 2010

Jolly Craft!

I found these Santa clothes pins less than a week before Christmas - for $1 at my local Michaels. One of the things I love about shopping so close to Christmas is the deals that can be had. $1. Seriously! I've seen a few bloggers make a sweet arrangement with their Christmas cards using twine or ribbon, and clothes pins used to hang the cards. When I saw these jolly Santas I knew I could dress them up and use them for something cute like that.
Red and pink hats...
And some glitter...
Makes my holiday world go 'round.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Joy

Silent Night, Holy Night, all was calm, all was bright.

Hope your Christmas was joyous...


Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Quiet

After days of rain and cloudy skies and dreaming about hibernating in a cozy den like Mr. & Mrs. Beaver, it has let up. I thought I'd be jazzed but truth be told I can see the threatening rain clouds rolling in from my window and I am glad. I guess rain and I are friends. The quiet mornings are like no other with the sound of rain on the roof. Little pleasures, taken advantage of in quiet times - is a soothing start to our newly acquainted Winter season.

Enjoy little times like these - when the house is dim as rainclouds block the sun, the bed is left unmade, and you can start to hear the kettle whistle. A sincerely glorious season!


Monday, December 20, 2010

More Ormaments! {Christmas Treasures}

A rainy Saturday drive with friends brought us to a magical place near us. Canterbury Gardens is a seasonal store and must be appointed by Santa himself, as I am sure he would genuinely approve. Whoever thought of decorating trees with shiny objects was a genius - not only are they fantastic to gaze at, but some of those pieces are really expensive. This second thought is dangerous for me, but when you come to a store like this, and you love Christmas ornaments like me, you have to set limits.
So after considering said limits I narrowed it down to these three pieces: Hollow glass and a glittered Victorian image. It was a wonderful outing to get me into the Christmas spirit, and with the addition of the blustery weather it actually felt like Christmas, and not like July. Just about every ornament on my tree has a special meaning. Some were purchased with the company of good friends, others while traveling, and some were gifts. Like little snapshots of time, hanging right there on a real live tree that sits in my living room.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Shiny Bright

I came across this blog a month or so ago, and was instantly in love with what I saw. If I close my eyes really tight I can faintly see an image of my mothers Christmas ornament boxes, where young eyes could peer right into the window pane cellophane lids and see all that shiny glass nestled in a nest of tissue, handled so many times all that tissue paper had turned soft as a hankie. All that we would hang on our tree was magic. Many of the ornaments that make up these wreathes look so much the same. And I love them.
It's raining. The sound of the water dripping from the eves is glorious! I am looking forward to an outing tomorrow to this Christmas store we have nearby with some of my girlfriends. Should I find any treasures I will certainly share them with you...


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Featured: Bink & Boo

At the Zig Zag Craft Show I was privileged to have Bianca next to me. She may not know it, but that girl inspired me - beautiful (she glows), talented, smart, and kind - and I know this last one because she kindly spent much of the day talking to Billy. I loved her brand "Bink & Boo" so much that I felt like what she had were treasures that I wanted to share with everyone.
These little clutches had a zipper on the bottom, making them a dual purpose piece. Her pattern choices were amazing, some oil cloth, some vintage fabrics, some scrap finds and others - marvelous scarves.
My favorite. So perfect!
Along with the clutches she had items for babies - bibs and booties. Once again, the fabrics were dreamy...
It's funny how a brief encounter with someone can leave you so inspired. And I left quite inspired, and I have very much enjoyed pondering these things.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Zig Zag Show

So I am just getting around to posting about the Zig Zag Show that I participated in last Sunday! Forgive me please, but I am sure you all can relate:) I was really excited about doing this show for three reasons, the first being it was free for me to participate(!), the second, it was in Encinitas (one of my FAVORITE local towns), and third, I was excited and hoping to sell sell sell to earn money for Christmas gifts! We stopped at our famous VG's Donuts first to fuel up on sugar and hot cocoa. None of the children there were wearing shoes...
This cake that looked like a Christmas tree was amazing, and can you see the little tree cupcakes on the bottom shelf?! Gah! I almost bought one! But no, not for breakfast (today).
So on to the show. I mean, does it really surprise you that I would start this post with pictures and talk of sweets? Haha!
Everyone's booths were amazing, and the talent was there. The only thing missing were the shoppers. I am not really sure what happened, but there weren't many browsers. This put quite a damper on my #3 reason I was jazzed about the show.
So we waited, and waited, and waited for a bite. Damn! No bites! Was it the weather? The music? So sad...
But it was all so beautiful!
The sweet lady next to me made these amazing wreathes, I now regret not picking one out. Perhaps I will have to try my hand at making one myself!
Brooklyn, the sweet sweet mama who put this show on had some awesome goodies, ties and clips, so many adorable creations.
Good company :)
Well all in all, the show was not successful sale-wise, BUT we had a great time with the other vendors, and that made it totally worth it!! We had lunch from the Potato Shack (the best grilled cheese sandwich and seasoned fries of my life), and I left just as happy as a clam :)


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Giving Thanks

Hope your Thanksgiving was as tasty as mine. I love it when everyone has a really good time. It makes me feel like all the effort and stress has gone to good. I started my morning with hot chocolate, a bowl of yams and a peeler, and the Macy's parade. I am so thankful for so many things, the list would be a mile long.

What is it about sweet potatoes that makes you want more and more? Mine had toasted pecans and maple syrup. Did anyone see that in the November issue of Martha? It was calling to me, and while I would make it again with a few changes, it was delightful. So were the green beans with shallots and mushrooms in greek yogurt... also from Martha. The best!

Hope your Holiday was fine...