Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Leaning Tower of Macaroons

In France there is a woman with a feathered brim.
A baker, un confiseur, sung with an old fashioned hymn.
A tower she built, of her rainbow confection-aries,
To les ├ętoiles, to the moon, and through dim galaxies.

Baking was her greatest delight, for all the city folk knew,
But what they didn't see coming was how much she could do.
The 'gens de ville' scratched their heads, at the tower clear to the moon,
The feather brimmed woman sighed, 'mes amis!' They're just macaroons!


Celestial said...

I love this! Oh, and now I'm craving Pistachio macaroons. There is a super cute cafe not too far from here called Pardon My French. If ever you visited the Twin Cities I know exactly where I'm taking you!

erika said...

Where did you get them!?!? I am swooning! I have wanted one forever and have not been brave enough to try making them. Yum!

Anonymous said...
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leya said...

wow! the colors...
I bet those colors taste good too.

Melissa Y. Allam said...

I love the colors of these little cookies. I've only ever had them once, but I'd love to taste them again.

Vista Gal said...

Did you make these???
If so I want to learn to make them!!