Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hello Friend

It's pouring today - the house is so dark.
We made pancakes first thing.
We went to the movies with my sister last night, to see Shutter Island. It left me so perplexed, I keep thinking about it.
The homemade pizza last night was delicious, chicken and cilantro is a winner.
Our kitties keep venturing outside, then come back all wet - we have to towel them dry.
Billy just made a fire for us, our extra down comforter gets good use.
I have projects to do, but honestly all I am interested in is snoozing.
It's evident a good cup of tea is in order...


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Chocolate & Daffodils

It's warm, shorts today.
The air smells sweet, but maybe it's just the lemon pie I can't get out of my head.
Kitty slept in between us last night, head poking out from under the covers.
Our daffodils have bloomed.
The yard is so cheery with them.
I cannot stop thinking about chocolate.
Eat some, but it doesn't satisfy.
I am very much looking forward to Spring.
And to get rid of this Winter funk.
Nothing some chocolate can't cure...
Or some homemade soup, I suppose...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day with Alice

Today is Valentine's Day. We stopped by the beach on our way home with Alice, cuz it was such a nice day, and it was on our way. Alice is so fashionable, with her scarf and all. I feel like a dork standing next to her, but tomorrow she is going to do my makeup. While walking back to the car, a homeless guy asked us if we were from Sweden. We laughed, I guess we looked like tourists or something. It hit me in a strange way though - as a kid we practically lived at the beach, and now, since I visit it so infrequently anymore, I kind of feel like a foreigner when I go there. After dropping Alice home, Billy and I enjoyed the rest of our sunny day together. Sealed with a kiss, it was a perfect Valentine's Day, indeed.

Hope yours was just as fine

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Auction Piece

I haven't made a crown since sometime in the Fall. I know, you are probably thinking, isn't that like, what you do?? Sadly, no. As I am sure many of you can relate to, when your supplies get cleaned up for events like Thanksgiving, Christmas and company, they sometimes take a while to get put back out again. I have the issue of what they call "no place to call my own." That is, I do not have a designated crafting area, where I can keep my supplies out at all times. If I ever get to a point in life where I have a studio, believe me, no one but me will be allowed in, and I am going to go crazy in there with crafts and decor. Till then, my dinner table will be a disaster area, on and off. At least I have moved from the dining room floor to the table. I am moving up in life, no doubt!
This little number was a new crown that I did a week or so ago, as a donation to my former High School's Art Auction. This is the second year I have done a crown for them - it is fun to see my work back at the school.
I have been playing around with lace doilies a lot, and paper petals. I am really loving the dimension and texture they both give.
Reminds me of sherbet on a warm day...
It's a sweet little piece, and I hope whoever won it loves it as much as I do!
By the way, I must announce the winner of the Valentine's Day giveaway! The very lucky Amada from Over the Top Studios is the winner of all the goodies! You should check out her work, it is very impressive. Just the collection of supplies she must have, alone, has me laughing at the work I do. Thank you everyone who entered, I wish I had money, I wanted to send all of you that package! Much love to you friends,


Friday, February 5, 2010

For You Sweetheart! {A Giveaway}

Valentine's Day! Seriously one of my favorite holidays. I have to say that red, pink, and hears are some of my favorite combinations. So what better way to celebrate than a little Valentine's Day giveaway? I knew you would agree!

So here we have it: the spread. One lucky person will win all these goodies:
{Harney & Sons Valentine's Blend tea, my favorite<3}
{A helping of Harney & Sons Chocolate Mint tea - amazing}
{Stainless steel tea infuser}
{Letterpress Valentine's Day Card}
{Cute little pack of letterpress heart cards}
{A very snazzy and petite Valentine's tumbler}
{A delicious dark chocolate raspberry candy bar from Chocolove}
{New Moon Sweethearts featuring you know who, one Edward Cullen xoxo}
{A fancy and cute Valentine's Day decoration made by me!}

The rules: Enter comment by leaving a comment, by the end of the night Monday, February 8th. One lucky winner is sure to receive their package before Valentine's day! xo

And more cuteness!