Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Auction Piece

I haven't made a crown since sometime in the Fall. I know, you are probably thinking, isn't that like, what you do?? Sadly, no. As I am sure many of you can relate to, when your supplies get cleaned up for events like Thanksgiving, Christmas and company, they sometimes take a while to get put back out again. I have the issue of what they call "no place to call my own." That is, I do not have a designated crafting area, where I can keep my supplies out at all times. If I ever get to a point in life where I have a studio, believe me, no one but me will be allowed in, and I am going to go crazy in there with crafts and decor. Till then, my dinner table will be a disaster area, on and off. At least I have moved from the dining room floor to the table. I am moving up in life, no doubt!
This little number was a new crown that I did a week or so ago, as a donation to my former High School's Art Auction. This is the second year I have done a crown for them - it is fun to see my work back at the school.
I have been playing around with lace doilies a lot, and paper petals. I am really loving the dimension and texture they both give.
Reminds me of sherbet on a warm day...
It's a sweet little piece, and I hope whoever won it loves it as much as I do!
By the way, I must announce the winner of the Valentine's Day giveaway! The very lucky Amada from Over the Top Studios is the winner of all the goodies! You should check out her work, it is very impressive. Just the collection of supplies she must have, alone, has me laughing at the work I do. Thank you everyone who entered, I wish I had money, I wanted to send all of you that package! Much love to you friends,



amy @ switz~art said...

Crap! I missed it!!! How did I miss your giveaway! I am so sad.

I love V-Day too. I downplay it for the hubby, though! Bahaha! Miss u!

erika said...

Love it! Everyone will! If I were you, the second bedroom would be ALL MINE for crafting and sewing goodness!

Madeline said...

awww I love it!!!

Amada Lebel said...

This is so fun and I love the colors you chose. They do remind me of sherbert on a summer day. You have a wonderfuls sense of color and space.I am thrilled to have won your giveaway, Yay Me! You are so generous.

Pamela said...

Georgia, I have no idea where you start with something so intricate. You are amazing!

Elizabeth said...

I love the the colors you use in your crowns..so very sunny and California I think :)

Hey Lady! said...

You know I always said that too (about the craft room) I had one but I'd get so separated from everyone else I never used it, i wanted to work out where the "action" was. So I'm stuck with the getting stuff out and putting it back. Now my husband has turned the craft room into his office and I just store my stuff in there.

As always, the crown is BEAUTIFUL!

Chelsea said...

This is so cute Georgia...and I love your comparison to sherbet :)

dinospumoni said...

that second bedroom is designated for me :)
Good work sis!