Friday, February 5, 2010

For You Sweetheart! {A Giveaway}

Valentine's Day! Seriously one of my favorite holidays. I have to say that red, pink, and hears are some of my favorite combinations. So what better way to celebrate than a little Valentine's Day giveaway? I knew you would agree!

So here we have it: the spread. One lucky person will win all these goodies:
{Harney & Sons Valentine's Blend tea, my favorite<3}
{A helping of Harney & Sons Chocolate Mint tea - amazing}
{Stainless steel tea infuser}
{Letterpress Valentine's Day Card}
{Cute little pack of letterpress heart cards}
{A very snazzy and petite Valentine's tumbler}
{A delicious dark chocolate raspberry candy bar from Chocolove}
{New Moon Sweethearts featuring you know who, one Edward Cullen xoxo}
{A fancy and cute Valentine's Day decoration made by me!}

The rules: Enter comment by leaving a comment, by the end of the night Monday, February 8th. One lucky winner is sure to receive their package before Valentine's day! xo

And more cuteness!


Celestial said...

You are so many levels of adorable!

Krista said...

Too Fun! I love give a ways, especially when they include something that you have made!

Alexis said...

Fun, fun, fun! And so cute!

Natalie Jane said...

I love Valentine's day too! Yummy Edward. I mean yummy candy!

Us Jones' said...

o wow!!! georgia u are amazing!!! i <3 you!! xoxo

love krystal

Hey Lady! said...

OH! Where can you buy that tea? I want to try it!!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

oh, everything just looks so cute.

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

erika said...

Oh my goodness, what a lovely giveaway! Aren't you sweet<3

Amada Lebel said...

Oh Boy! A giveaway. You are so generous. Love the goodies! Put my name in!

Amada Lebel said...

Almost forgot. You mentioned you were doing a pqrty for your daughter, Alice in Wonderland. Check out this link. This gal did an amazing job and there are some great ideas.


Michele P. said...

what a fun Valentine's Day package! I would love to be entered...have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your Valentines Day next week!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Elizabeth said...

That is a great giveaway!!!!!
I'm doing one too, but I have to get to the store to buy the rest of the goods. Mine is for my blog anniversary that is Feb. 12th and I too am doing a Valentine theme, but up the ante for sure :)

Vista Gal said...

You and Me were meant to bee.
Will you please be mine VALENTINE?

Simple Mama said...

What an awesome giveaway! Valentine's Day is so much fun!

Elena said...

You had me at "letterpress", "chocolate", and "tea" - what a generous giveaway, thank you!
Just discovered your shops - your crowns are out of this world :D

Pamela said...

This is so fun and generous Georgia! Happy Valentine's Day to you!

ikkinlala said...

How generous! May Canadians enter?

fawn said...

So adorable! Please count me in. :)

jen said...

i agree, i love this combination too! as a kid, i loved everything hearts and even had heart bedsheets.

what a sweet and generous giveaway! everything is quite lovely.

have a lovely week! xo

Madeline said...

Love the Denyse Schmidt fabric... I made a quilt with that line of fabric. Oh ya and I LOVE EDWARD!!!

leya said...

you can never go wrong with pink and red and hearts...and chocolate.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,
Just got the box filled with goodies. Thank you so much! I plan on putting a little something about it on my blog after I am done with the giveaway I am having.
Can't wait to try the tea. Everything is so lovely. What a fab Valentines bonus for me :)

Chelsea said...

Aww bummed I missed the contest! I had not checked your blog in a few days and Valentine's Day is one of my favorite holidays too...everything has hearts and is so cute and all about love...and I just want all the Valentine's Day themed goodies to surround me every day of the year!!! I miss that Valentine's Blend, man that stuff is good! I made some homemade valentines and baked some goodies for my family and had so much fun! Who was the lucky winner?